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        I began my photography journey in Canada. As I grew and learned in the photography space, my work started to develop a style that was heavily influenced by modern fashion, human connection, natural light and exploring the outdoors. From there, life lead me to Queenstown, New Zealand where I have been lucky enough to live, love and create ever since.


        Here are a few things about me, that greatly impact my work —


        — I love love, my husband Hamish, the two cats I get to spoil (Hudson & Remi), all day breakfast, anything autumnal, and the mountains that surround me. These are the things that make me unique, and I try to discover and capture the ones that make each of my couples unique too!

        — Friends and family mean everything to me, and I’m sure your’s do to. I take special care in ever wedding to get as many candid photos of my couples with the people they love, as I believe those are the ones you’ll back on the most.

        — Being sustainable and only buying ethically made products is important to me in both life and business. I strive to learn and make better decisions every day in this space and am consistently improving my systems and product offerings to reflect the high quality and low impact I want to put out into the world.

        — Inclusively + equality are at the heart my business. I will never turn a couple away because of gender, sexual orientation, race, or ability. Your budget, nor your clothes are what matter to me. As long as you both love the hell out of one another and what to make some beautiful images, I would be honoured to be invited to capture your wedding day.

        Although I am no where close to a wedding planner, I do strive to help all of the couple I work with create a day that is perfectly them. I believe that in order to come away from your wedding day with the most honest and beautiful photos and experience possible, you need to have the confidence that you've made the right decisions, know what you're doing and have all the information and encouragement you need to do both those things.

        Every couple I would with receives my exclusive client guide, that goes over everything form how to create a timeline that puts emphasis on the parts of your wedding that mean the most to you, to why doing a first look before your ceremony might be a good idea (hint, it's not because of the photos).

        To keep you in the loop, I also post fortnightly blogs where I share all of the advice I wish I had when planning out wedding day, and have been requests from actual couples.

        If you're looking for someone to invite to your Queenstown wedding, or beyond for that matter, that is not just your wedding photographer but also your advice giver, your champagne glass filler, your hype girl, and most importantly, your friend, you've come to the right place.